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The Dionn Reneé Studios- "We are very excited to announce the Grand opening of Full Circle Music, Inc."


Full Circle Music, Inc. was founded and incorporated in Pennsylvania in September 2019. We are a multi-faceted operation that includes services ranging from industry standard recording studios, music production, record label, concert promotion, advertising, marketing, strategic long term partnership with WHBI 93.1 FM radio & internet station, state of the art soundstage, events venue, commercial sound & lights company, and business center.

These components enable the potential to arrive at our facility with an idea for a song in mind, have music produced and performed by top musicians (customized from our musician pool), professionally recorded, artwork produced for packaging and promotion, broadcasted on FM radio & internet, and stream a live performance from our “state of the art” stage, all before exiting the facility. Our promotions team can also arrange and manage tours with musicians, professional sound, and lighting for support.


Our events venue has a seating capacity (with tables & chairs) of approximately 200. This will accommodate most banquets, wedding parties, business events, personal activities, classes, and live entertainment. The layout and design make this space adaptable to whatever the occasion and appearing to have been built specifically for each individual event.

The resources and services provided by Full Circle Music, Inc. create an unusually “broad spectrum” market and our experience, expertise, and passion make us uniquely positioned as a true “one stop shop”.



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International fine artist Dionn Reneé represents USA in global marketing campaign for Sony movie, The Woman King, starring Oscar®-winner Viola Davis.

September 12, 2022 – Dionn Reneé, has been named ‘Selected Creator’ by Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. and Columbia Tristar Marketing Group, Inc. for usage of her original artwork in the global marketing campaign for the film, The Woman King. The agreement includes promo art, social media, print materials, and merchandise.

The movie is based on actual events that Dionn Reneé was able to relate to. As a child she was diagnosed with lupus and struggled with the debilitating symptoms that accompany this ailment. Most of her life has been a battle that she has fought like a warrior. Even including, in recent years, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training, rigorous fitness training, and just an all around health based lifestyle. Her approach to the project was with a thorough understanding of the mindset of the Viola Davis character. Her experience translated into a remarkable artistic expression of the subject.

"It is a true honor to participate on a project of such magnitude while elevating strong
women in the process. I am excited to be a part of this phenomenal release," says
Dionn Reneé.

Dionn Reneé is recognized for her work as a fine artist, graphic designer, and photographer throughout the entertainment industry. She has painted portraits of Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, and Maya Angelou, who displayed her portrait in her office. There are too many others to list and many more projects in the works.

A native of Harrisburg, PA, she owns The Dionn Reneé Studios and is preparing the
launch of her new, DRW Advertising Agency, in that city.

Dionn Reneé is a Temple University, Tyler School of Art, and Temple, Rome (Italy)
graduate. She double majored in Fine Art and Graphic Design and served as Student
Body President.

JBlair Brown / JBlair Communications
Mobile: 717.510.0509
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Dionn Reneé Fine Artist

Photo by Connie Hobbs Photography

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